Member Benefits

What has the CAE done for me?

The CAE established and preserves your right to practice. The CAE fought and won the battle that allows each of us the privilege of being called a specialist. No specialty can exist without the vigilance and concern of a representative organization. The CAE is that organization for endodontics in Canada.

Without the CAE, endodontics would not exist as a recognized specialty. The CAE is responsible for the establishment of endodontics as a recognized specialty in Canada. In 1966, the CAE presented a brief to the CDA Board of Governors highlighting the distinctive educational and science base of endodontics and the health benefits the public would enjoy if an endodontic specialty was established. The Board of Governors approved the specialty and accepted the CAE as its representative organization.

The CAE has represented the interests of endodontists from the restructuring of the specialties, through the formation of the Royal College, to the integration of universal service codes for specialty services into the national fee base. The CAE has stood at the forefront of those deliberations.

What does the CAE do for me now?

Since it was first established in 1965, the CAE has been dedicated to excellence and quality in the art and science of endodontics and to the highest standard of patient care. The CAE encourages its members to pursue professional advancement and personal fulfillment through education, research, advocacy, leadership, communication and service.

CAE leaders are charged with strategic planning, problem solving and the generation of creative ideas for the advancement of the specialty and the Academy.


The CAE supports and represents the Canadian Endodontic community. Strong member support necessary to retain endodontics’ status as a recognized dental specialty.

Political Persuasion

The CAE represents endodontists with CDA, AAE, other endodontic associations around the world, regulatory bodies, government, and the entire dental community.

A National Voice

The banner message of our specialty is “saving teeth”. The CAE gives us a united, national voice to carry that message forward. No individual, standing alone, can accomplish this. Only by standing united and speaking with one voice can we properly address the challenges we may face.


The CAE has a member on the board of the Canadian Dental Specialties Association to represent the interests of endodontists to the CDA.

Relationship with the AAE

The CAE maintains a collegial relationship and cooperates with the AAE on issues affecting us both. Canadian endodontists benefit greatly from our relationship with the AAE. Many of these benefits are unseen.

For example, in the US in 1989, the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association conducted a review of the 8 dental specialties to determine if they justified their specialty status. It was an attempt at re-certifying entire specialties.  The Council on Dental Education was questioning whether there was a sufficient “body of knowledge” about endodontics to justify our existence as a specialty. Endodontics and paedodontics were put on hold for further review. Only the efforts of the AAE saved the day. Endodontics was re-certified, and our status as a respected specialty has continued. If endodontics had lost its specialty status in the U.S., do you think that Canada would have been far behind?  We need a strong CAE to meet such a challenge should it arise in Canada.

This experience highlighted the need for continuing quality research in the field of endodontics.

Support for Endodontic Research:

CAE Foundation

The Canadian Academy of Endodontics established the CAE Endowment Fund as a Public Foundation and as a Registered Charity under the Income Tax Act (Business Number 89103 6493 RR0001) effective July 1st, 1997.

Since inception the Endowment Fund has contributed over $197,000 to the art & science of Endodontics. Donations to the Fund have supported 64 researchers and their projects and provided scholarships to 15 undergraduate dental students (as of 2015). The CAE membership has benefited from the research presented at the AGMs and over 25 individuals have joined the CAE from this supported group.

Support for Endodontic Education:


In 2007 the Canadian Academy of Endodontics Endowment Fund Committee instituted the “Canadian Academy of Endodontics Executive Secretary Memorial Scholarships” in memory of Dr. John Phillips and Dr. Carl Hawrish. Dr. Phillips and Dr. Hawrish gave many years to the Academy as Executive Secretary. These scholarships are awarded annually to an undergraduate dental student from an eastern and western Canadian dental school.

CAE/AAE Joint committees

For example, the CAE and the AAE have developed a Joint Position Paper on Single Use Instruments, an issue that potentially can affect all Canadian endodontists.

Colleagues for Excellence Newsletters

Colleagues for Excellence is an AAE publication produced twice annually. Each CAE member receives thirty of each Colleagues for Excellence Newsletters from the AAE at no charge. CAE members can use these as one tool to promote their practices by sending them to their referring dental offices. The newsletters come in an unsealed mailing envelope allowing CAE members to insert a personal note to their referring dentist.


The CAE represents Canadian endodontists with the International Federation of Endodontic Associations and selects a Canadian speaker to represent us all at IFEA meetings. The CAE is the face of Canadian endodontists to the rest of the world.


CAE members serve as examiners for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. The examiners administer the National Dental Specialty Examination in endodontics as one of the requirements for licensure as a dental specialist in Canada. The chief endodontic examiner submits reports to the CAE.

Setting Standards

The Canadian Academy of Endodontics has assumed responsibility for providing a “Standards of Practice” document for the discipline of endodontics in Canada. This document is designed to assist the dental profession and the public by providing current information about endodontic therapy and expectations of treatment rendered. This document has been published in English and French versions and is used by all Dental Schools in Canada (available on the CAE website).

Fee Guide Procedure Codes

The CAE is responsible for the integration of universal service codes for specialty services into the national fee base. Fee schedule categories created by the CAE are approved and supported by the CDA so that the provincial bodies can generate universally accepted fee guides.

Scope of Practice

The scope of practice of Canadian endodontists is set out in the CAE Standards of Practice document.

Annual meeting

The CAE AGM offers a top scientific program featuring presentations from the leading clinicians and researchers in our profession. The small size of our meetings makes them more conducive to camaraderie. Meet with sponsors and suppliers to see the latest in instruments and materials. Present your own research and keep current with the latest in endodontic research and current clinical practices. The AGM offers quality time, away from the stress of practice, and opportunities to learn and to visit interesting venues across Canada. Most of all, the AGM offers the chance to share good times with colleagues and friends.

Discounted Pricing
Meeting registration fee is reduced for members.

Continuing Education
The CAE AGM offers 18-20 hours of continuing education.

Educators Workshop
The CAE AGM provides a forum for full- or part-time teachers to get together with other educators from across Canada to discuss issues and ideas related to the teaching of endodontics. Be aware of what is being taught at all the schools across the country.

Joint Meetings

For example: AAE/CAE Park City Ski Meeting, February 2015 on Practice Management


CAE members can benefit from the advice, example, and mentorship of other members for example, for pursuing board certification.

Clinical Resources

The CAE case Selection document is used by Canadian dental schools to help teach students how to assess the degree of difficulty of endodontic cases. It is also a useful guide for general practitioners.

Patient Education

Page on CAE website created to help patients understand the various endodontic procedures that are performed

Find an Endodontist

Patients can use the CAE website to find the right professional to perform their root canal therapy or root canal surgery procedures

Share cases

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Share documents

Share documents the CAE website Documents page (coming soon)

Membership directory

Social Networking

Logo Usage

Members are entitled to use the CAE logo on office stationary, electronic communications, etc.

CAE Award for Distinguished Service

This award may be given to a member of the CAE to recognize leadership, exemplary service and outstanding dedication to the CAE and the Specialty of Endodontics, either for a single momentous contribution or for sustained service for not less than 15 years.


To quote Dr. Cal Torneck on the occasion of his receiving the first CAE Award for Distinguished Service (October, 2014): “…it is the responsibility of every endodontist in this country to contribute to their specialty, and to understand that their contributions are only effective when they are directed through the organization that has historically represented endodontic interests in this country, the CAE. I think the concept of universal participation was eloquently expressed in John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Inauguration Address, when he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” It epitomized the concept that it is only through a universal and cooperative effort that the future of any group can be assured.”

Don’t be content to let others do the work while you enjoy the benefits.


The opportunity to participate in the specialty of endodontics is a unique privilege, and with that privilege comes great responsibility. All endodontists have the responsibility to advance and strengthen the specialty. One way to do this is through support of endodontic organizations like the CAE. So, along with the privilege to practice endodontics, accept the responsibility for your professional future.
Join the CAE. It’s not only good for your practice; it’s also good for our specialty, for the entire dental profession, and for the Canadian public. And you’ll have a lot of fun and make a lot of life-long friends along the way.