Calcified #11 and apical horizontal root fracture

Date: November 28, 2022
Submitted By: Rodrigo

54 years old Male patient referred for assessment and treatment of #11
Chief complaint: “I feel pressure on my gum. I had trauma to this tooth approximately 40 years ago”.
Clinical findings: Percussion (+) slight / Cold (-) / EPT (80/80) / Mobility: WNL / Probing: WNL / Palpation: discomfort and slight swelling at the mucobuccal fold. Tooth is slightly discoloured…
Imaging findings: Pulpal obliteration and RL area at the apex. This area is compatible with an inflammatory process of endodontic origin. I also noticed a RO area compatible with the apical portion of the root (fractured).

Treatment options:
1- RCT
2- RCT + Apical surgery
3- Apical surgery
4- Extraction

Thank you!

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