Retreatment: A worthy encore, or bad Deja vú?

Re-treatment: for some practitioner’s it is a second chance at preserving a tooth; for others, it is merely a postponement of the inevitable. What is the correct choice? Perhaps it is less dependent upon your point of view, and better guided by your field of view. The Operating Microscope permits enhanced observation and precise execution of our treatment, but our revision path is acutely defined with the preemptive use of the “Virtual Operating Microscope”, the CBCT. Combined into clinical practice, this synergism directs a more focused treatment plan, appropriate and unique to each individual case. This presentation explores the protocols for non-surgical and surgical retreatments, using best evidence support in a multi-media format. The concepts and techniques presented will be available for reinforcement in a limited attendance hands on laboratory exercise following the lecture.


At the conclusion, the attendees should be able to:

  • Define the correct protocols for successful assessment and triage pre-treatment.
  • Identify the various techniques for non-surgical harvest and recovery of intra-canal materials.
  • Differentiate between initial surgical intervention and re-surgical revision of previous root end treatments.