Real World Endo® presents The evolution of Bioceramic Cements in Clinical Endodontics 

BioCeramics were first introduced to Endodontic in 1993. Today, the modern nano-particulate premixed bioceramics exhibit excellent clinical qualities and provide ideal clinical handling properties with an assortment of viscosities designed for various endodontic repair applications. This versatility allows development of more efficient clinical techniques for obturation, repair, and now with the addition of bioactive hydrophilic ionic resins, provisional restoration of endodontically treated teeth. In this presentation, Dr. Nasseh shares some of his clinical techniques for successful implementation of bioceramic cements to clinical endodontic care in both non-surgical and surgical repair procedures as well as restoration of endodontically treated teeth.

 At the conclusion of this lecture presentation, participants will:

1.Learn non-surgical and surgical applications of premixed bioceramics in clinical endodontics.

2. Learn about the use of bioactive hydrophilic ionic resins optimized to interface with bioceramics

3. Use various surgical techniques for management of failed endodontic cases using efficient Bioceramic based retro fillings.